Zizzi Garden Center and Design

Passion for nature, attention for green.

‘Pick up a flower on the earth and you will move the farest star.’

Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac

About us

Respect for tradition and innovative solutions at the service of any client.

Garden Design

Any garden is a world, a home extension where serenity can be found.

The Garden Centre

Any plant, any tree is an unique example, similar to many others but always rare on its own.

Agronomist at your disposal

Technical and agronomic advice both for your company and for your private residence.

Garden planning, creation and maintenance.

Born in 2003 from the passion for nature and land, Zizzi Garden Center and Design is today leader in the garden planning, creation and maintenance. Zizzi Garden Center and Design works all over the Apulian region thanks to a skilled and professional team able to offer and create high quality and suggestive projects both in public and in private spheres.

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