The Garden Centre

Zizzi Garden Center and Design counts upon a surface of 20.000 m2 known and well-appreciated all over the Apulian region and outside it as well.

Thanks to a huge variety of ornamental and fruit plants both native and not, Zizzi Garden Center and Design is the suitable place to enjoy colours and perfumes. Lead by a skilled team in a suggestive and sensorial trip, the client has all the right elements to realize the garden of his dreams.
Exotic fruit plants such as mango, avocado, guava, banana trees, annonas and passiflore or rare plants as chorisya-speciosa, brachychiton, bahuinia purpurea, eucalyptus citridora etc…, minor fruits as blueberry, blackberry, gooseberry, feijoa and amelanchier, hedges, Mediterranean plants, succulents plants, palms, old and young olives trees, old and young carob trees and seasonal plants are all what it can be found both in greenhouses and in the ample open space.

Citrus too, offer an exceptional variety: lemons, different kind of oranges, mandarins even the Chines ones “Fortunella”, clementines, grapefruits, cedars, the “Buddha’s Hands”, chinottos, limes and bergamots.


• Plants selling and setting up;
• Any kind of grass realizations;
• Green maintenance;
• Old gardens renovation;
• Professional pruning with platforms.

vivaio fasano ostuni - zizzi puglia
Plants and flowers rental

The rental service of flowers and plants is offered by Zizzi Garden Center and Design to set up the following events:

• weddings;
• exhibitions;
• runway shows;
• conventions;
• move sets;
• fashion shooting.

Delivering, setting up and collection are all the services included in the rental system.

vivaio zizzi puglia - fasano ostuni